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Beauty, Style, Fashion, and Confidence

Be Your Own Type Of Beautiful

Be Styled Salon Boutique   

was founded in 2013. The Owner and Master Stylist Alnisa Turner set out to create a holistic environment for the Salon Boutique. Her approach is to Make women feel their best inside and out. Styling, to Be Styled isn't just about your hair, It's about fashion, it's a mentality, about Being the Best You, can Be. It's a holistic approach on life. While maintain a professional atmosphere, we at Be Styled pride ourselves on a friendly down to earth environment.  The Boutique side of the salon represents every type of women, with visually engaging Fashion you can't pick up at your local mall. We encourage you to Step outside your comfort zone and Be Styled, Be Unique, Be Exciting, Be a Rebel.




Alnisa Shakeerah -


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